4K Screens For Events And Exhibitions

4K is the latest innovation in screen technology for events and exhibitions. Also known as ‘ultra HD’, 4K screens have four times more detail than full HD, with over 8.3 million pixels in each image, bringing a new standard of high definition to the events and exhibition industry.

4K screens are designed to create a fully immersive viewing experience, which draws the eye from across the room and provides an intense viewing experience. This is what makes the screens so perfect for creating high-impact, in an enclosed space. 4K screens combine greater image clarity and in-depth picture texture, with a focus on the finer details, so that the result is an almost photographic finish. More importantly, the clarity of the screen means that even when viewed from a short distance, the image quality remains flawless and the picture detailed.

4K Screens we can offer for your event or exhibition

SAMSUNG 4K Screens

The world’s first ultra-HD 4K screen. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Smart AV is now able to offer this high-end, immersive screen for your events and exhibitions. With a stylish design, it can be built into any event or exhibition stand design, in order to provide a larger viewing platform that will showcase your content in ultra-HD 4K resolution – four times the definition of regular HD screens size available from ( 85”,75” ,65” ,55” 49”,43”)

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